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Project Trashion

Project Trashion is a sustainable fashion show with a goal to educate our community to shop smart, and sustainably. As the digital creative director, my goal was to use my skill set to collaborate with my design teams to highlight our brand message through a fashion show and all digital communication leading up to it.

My Role

Digital Creative Lead


2018 - 2019

Design Tools

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To bring more awareness to society about damage caused by fast fashion and suggest its alternative, sustainable fashion.

Why Project Trashion?

Working with Trashion helped me realize that you can look good and be sustainable. It basically boils down to understanding your personal style, smart style decisions, and reducing or reusing cloth consumption. We are fortunate to have over 100+ volunteers who help us make this project a success and share our mission.

Creative Direction

In 2019 I got the opportunity to lead a 6 person design/ marketing team to communicate our brand message. During this time I used the 80/20 principle to make sure that everything was running smoothly and manage the web design and graphic design team. Moreover, I was looking at how can we speak to our target audience (people who are unaware of the damage caused by fast fashion). To evoke emotions and connect with the audience, I put a huge emphasis on videography and illustrations. Our cinematic documentary of the show communicates everything we stand for and what our goals are for the future.

Design Team Management

We had 2 months to design and launch the site, and the whole team was working remotely. Figma, Google drive, and Slack were our primary methods of communicating and sharing our work. I set off the phase and the design style and worked on the site flow during the first week. Then I collaborated with individual designers and constructive critique to improve the final result tying in graphic design style, videography and brand identity into our website.

Video Doc About Project Trashion

Project Trashion Show Poster
Project Trashion Poster Drawing

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