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Creators Collective is a project I co-founded in my final year of university while attending the University of Waterloo Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business. The project took 4 months of preparation from team development to brand identity design, and 4 months of execution; marketing & promotion.


Whether it is filming your first short movie or publishing your first digital illustration, starting creative projects can be daunting.
We aim to provide you with a community that supports your creativity. Through sharing knowledge, encouraging experimentation and collaborating with others, it is our goal to grow with you. Our initiatives, which you could read about more below, is how we plan to achieve all this.​"
Team Creators Collective


Passion Project: with a goal to network and share the talents of the University of Waterloo Stratford School of Interaction of design and Business


Creative Lead & Co-Founder


2018 - 2019



My goal as the Creative Director was to understand what our brand mission and vision was, and clearly communicate it to the student body, through leading and collaborating with my assistant designer.


  • Establish a brand that reaches out and connects with all students
  • To ensure that our final event, Rethink gallery has full attendance (200 students; Max floor capacity)


To understand the brand better and include other members vision into the brand I ran a workshop where we defined the core attributes and what feeling the brand should evoke within the student body. Once that was done, we defined our mission and vision statement, followed by setting a proper voice/ tone for the brand.  
The next step was to design the brand assets and identity. This was the main logo and sub-brand logos, Illustrations social media post style, Micro tile wall ads, Banners, and the website.


At the start, I was the only designer in the team, and much of the core designs were designed by me. The challenge was that our project expanded rapidly, our director team grew to 7 people and came up with 4 initiatives (Gallery, Events, Partnership, Magazine), and I was responsible for brand consistency when marketing ourselves. Also, the requirement for social media posts grew heavily as the team wanted to start to market the initiatives as soon as possible to get the attention of students. At this time, I was also looking to expand my design team to fill up the design demand by other executive members.

Partner Logos



Once all the brand Identity assets and the website was designed, I created templates of social media posts to fill the design demand, however, the design team took full ownership of creating content for the Instagram post. We recycled our illustrations from our Instagram campaign through rest of our promo such as campus TV/ Microtile wall ads and Facebook post.


All the effort and long work hours put took us from idea stage to successfully completing the show with over 190 students’ attendants at the final gallery. We were well received by the student community, and the project still lives on as a non-profit creative community, organizing networking events, and student work Gallery.